Reviews from Ms.Mary



TOUR DATE: Apr 13,2013

Hi James, I would like to thank you and your company for a great holday every detail was just as we asked our guides could not have been more helpful and we would recommend your company to anyone.thank you  On the down side the only hotel to let it down was in Shanghai it was to far from town the hotel did not cater for everyone  for example no bacon the chef did not know how to do scrambled eggs when we arrived at 11pm the restaurant was closed the bar had only a dry sandwich and the coffee machine was broken this service was supposed to be available till 12am nobody helped with luggage and the hotel was very cold the rooms were basic and a toothbrush that had been put in bin had been taken out and put back at sink.  When we arrived they did not have a booking our guide telephoned his office who spoke to the desk and we got our rooms if we had to stay longer in this hotel we would not have been willing to do so perhapes you would look at this for other clients as it was the only down side on a great holiday Please pass on all our thanks to those who made our holiday possibleRegards Mary