Reviews from Ms.Annette



TOUR DATE: Jul 05,2013

ITINERARY: 15 Days Jilin Children Reunion Heritage Tour

Dear James,

Thank you about the news from Yujiang SWI. So far, our trip is fully satisfactory, and today we had a very good visit to Leas orphanage, both the new and the old one, and she got the chance to meet the lady who accompanied her when we first met her back in 2003.

Our guide in Beijing, Lisa, was so good, and the children were very fond of her. When we arrived in Changchun yesterday, Jane, our guide, had problems finding us at the train station, but finally we met, and she has been very helpful too.The hotels are good and family-friendly with lots of space in the rooms.

So, all in all we are really enjoying our trip.

Best regards,