20 Tips for Hongkong Tour

Post Date: Jun 08th, 2011

1.If you have such an opportunity, please take Ganglong KA 803, which will give you a new feeling;
2.When have dinner on the plane, you'd better remember that Chicken Breast is more delicious than rice, while rice is better than noddles;

3.To eat in those restaurants favored by the locals rather than tourists would be better;
4.When eating in Hongkong restaurants, the first cup of water the waiter/waitress offered is for scalding dinnerware;

5.Octopus Card would provide you lot convinience when taking metro;
6.If you planned to buy articles of luxury in Hongkong, please go shopping before 5 P.M., or there will be masses of people queue up;
7.If touring between Tsim Sha Tsui and Central Hong Kong, the Star Ferry can not be missed;

8.When tour around Hongkong Ocean Park, the new opened Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium is a good place to visit, in the exit of the Aquarium, you can have a cartoon picture of yourself if yo like;

9.Popular Bookstores are better for buying postcard;
10.Wearing a comfortable shoes will do you lots of benefits;
11.If touring Disneyland, have a night there would be a good choice, you can experience being crowded by Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck;

12.Take Angping 360 cable car when visiting Mt.Dayu is a good idea, but you have to go there befor 9 A.M. to avoid crowds;
13.Cantonese and English are both well-accepted in Hongkong;
14.The salesclerks are warmest if you buy A-class goods and cosmetic, and those in 3C products are in the worst attitude, so be prepared before shopping;
15.In escalator, please stand in the right side, leaving a space for those walking on escalator;

16.Quite a lot places are forbidden to eat, like in the bus, so
take care;
17.Make selections in SASA and Zhuoyue, not all the goods are suitable for you;
18.Not all the First goods in DFS are cheaper, only DIOR, Gucci and some other Super Premium brand are cheaper here;
19.Products in Donghuicheng are not in the biggest discount;

20.Fingerposts in Hongkong are always clear, you needn't worry about losing your way; and the workers in the station are warm-hearted.

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