Cross the Sky- Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

Post Date: Jun 28th, 2016

Viewing waterfalls and water springs, walking on the high ladder, gallery road and stone forest, exploring mystery caves and strange stones, or challenging the world’s recorded glass bridge and cableway? Let me take you to approach the famous Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge for realizing all above!

1. What is Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge?

Located in the area of Grand Canyon of Zhangjiajie Scenic Spot, Zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge is a scenery overlooks bridge combining the functions of pedestrian passage, go sightseeing, bungee jumping, cableway and T stage, etc. With a length of 375 meters and a width of 6 meters, the glass bridge spans about 430 meters and is 300 meters relative height with the canyon bottom. The glass bridge surface will adopt transparent glass pavement and each piece of them will be undergoing many tests including antifreeze, anti-explosion, mould proof, temperature sharp fall proof and earthquake proof, etc. The glass bridge is built to hold 800 people at the maximum. Zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge will become the first cable-stayed alpine and canyon glass bridge in the world and hit new records as the highest and longest glass bridge.

In order to name this glass bridge properly, Zhangjiajie grand canyon scenic spot also holds a Global Bridge Name Collection. Finally, “Cross the Sky” is chosen as the official name of the miraculous bridge because it symbolizes “Heaven and Bridge in one to transfer people of the world”.

2. What’s the charm of Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge?

It will be a great experience to zero distance contact with the fantastic Zhangjiajie of marvelous peaks and graceful water. When you are wondering on the adventurous “Cross the Sky”, it is just feel like standing on a huge mirror surface. When you are immersed in the superb scenery of a bottomless chasm, it is simply easy to be impressed by the extreme pleasant sensation and couldn’t stop feeling the beckoning “Walking in the Air”.  

3. Is It Safe to Stand on the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge?

On June 25, a 15-ton motor bus drove back and forth on the glass bridge floor under the witness of global audiences. Some bouncers even are invited to smash the glass floor with hammer to test the safety performance and bearing capacity of the glass bridge. In addition to these, Zhangjaijie scenic spot also arrange the bearing capacity experiment of letting 800 people step onto the bridge at the same time and invite BBC reporters to do the smashing glass floor test.
“Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge floor is superposed by 99 panes of three-layer glass with lamination which is 3m×4.5m and 15mm thick. Even though the three-layer glass is broken, the whole pane of glass material will never be off. So there is no ground for worrying about the glass breakage or personal safety. ” introduced by the director of Zhangjiajie glass bridge construction project.

4. The World’s Records

Upon completion, Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge will break several world records.
♦ The world’s highest glass top pedestrian bridge;
♦ The world’s highest bungee platform on the bridge;
♦ The world’s steepest cableway;
♦ The world’s first suspension bridge with large opening amount space cable plane;
♦ The world’s first large-scale bridge using glass as the main force structure;
♦ The world’s first bridge with the smallest height and span ratio of main beam;
♦ The world’s first suspension bridge with oversized span without waind-resistance cable;
♦ The world’s first bridge adopting multiple damping devices to stopping different directions of vibration;
♦ CNN has listed it as one of top 11 magnificent bridges.

5. Let Us Lead You to Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

Here we well design a Zhangjiajie Tour for you to full experience the beauty and excitement of Zhangjiajie.
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