Dare U Take Photos Like This

Post Date: Jul 26th, 2011

First, I want to see nothing but share some pics with you, I hope these photos can bring you a good mood all the day.

These are pics appearing in Chinese website lately, and immediately attract numerous curious eyes. The identity of the young male still remains mysterious, after days' search on the net. According to photograph experts that: there is almost no possibility of photoshop applied to these pics.

Professionals on photographing and mountain-climbing warned that it is quite dangerous to take photos like this, they said that if you bear with no experience of rock climbing, do not try this.

Wow, I forgot to mention that these pics are taken on Mt. Huashan in Huayin City, 120 kilometers (about 75 miles) east from Xi'an City (right the city where Terra-Cotta Warriors are, which has been a well-known site of Chinatour) of Shaanxi Province, known as "The Number One Precipitous Mountain under Heaven". Only from the pics can we know how steep Mt. Huashan is.

Want to have a try? To be frank, I'd like to have a try, but it seems to dangerous to do so, my life is more precious, in my eyes, at least. 

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