Detailed Introduction about Travel Places in Beijing

Post Date: Aug 05th, 2011

1. Tian'anmen, the Imperial Palace, Wangfujing Street
These four places can be visited in one day, they are not far away from each other. Go inside of Tian'anmen, you will find the Imperial Palace, and the opposite side stands Chairman Mao Memorial Hall.

While if you want to have a full sight of Tian'anmen, you'd better arrange 1-2 days, because the Imperial Palace alone will take you half a day. Get out of the Imperial Palace, you can go and have a visit at Beihai Park. At dusk, Wangfujing is a good choice to visit, there provides various local food. Meanwhile the goods there is a little expansive.

2. Water Cube, Bird's Nest
They are not far from Beijing Olympic Park, the fastest and most convenient way there from Tian'anmen is by Bus 37 to Hangtian Bridge, then take the Bus 645 to Minzuyuan Road.

3. Tsinghua, Beijing University, the Summer Palace
They all located in Haidian District, one day is enough for these three sites, Weiming Lake in Beijing University (in my mind) is a must-see site.

4. China Millennium Monument
Though it is of high popularity in China, I strongly recommend you not go there. The entrance fee is 40 yuan, while it may cost you only 1 hour to fully cover the monument and it is even difficult to take a satisfied photo indoor. While it is only my own experience, you can make your own judgement.

5. Badaling
Bus 919 can take you directly to Badaling, so you needn't join in a travel agency for "1-day Beijing Visit".

6. Winter Palace
It is not listed as a main sight, while it is not far from the Summer Palace, to have a visit there will definitely make you feel pity for such a damage.

7. Tiantan Park, Ditan Park
If time is not that limited, these two parks are also worth a visit, it depends on your plan.

There are still some other tourist attractions, like Beijing Aquarium, Xiangshan Park (the best time here is the Autumn, when you can enjoy the red maple leaves covering the whole mountain), Shijingshan Park, etc, you can also spend sometime to have a visit.

Peculiar food and restaurants
1. Goubuli Baozi: there is an old restaurant selling Goubuli Baozi, which has enjoyed a history of over 100 years, while Baozi there is not cheap.

2. Ruifuxiang

3. Quanjude in Wangfujing, Pianyifang Roast Duck in Chongwenwen and noodles served with sauce in Hongqiao.

It may not list all the scenic spots and delicious food in Beijing, hope you like them and help me enrich this blog with even more detailed information.

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