Giant Panda Volunteer Programs

Post Date: Jul 10th, 2017

Giant panda volunteer programs give participants a unique experience of close contact with giant pandas. During the programs, participants learn about giant pandas through working with skilled panda keepers and researchers in taking care of the pandas. At the end of the program, each participant is issued a panda volunteer certificate. At present, if you want to experience the panda volunteer life and even hold a giant panda, you could head to Dujiangyan Panda Base and Wolong Panda Base. Wolong Panda Research Center is about 120km from Chengdu and you may do a multi-day Panda Keeper Program and Wild Panda's Habitat Exploration. Meanwhile, Dujiangyan Panda Base is the nearest place from Chengdu where you could join in the panda volunteer program and hold a giant panda.

Join a 1- day Volunteer Program in Dujiangyan

Program Length: One day (8:30-17:00)
Fees: The cost of China Dujiangyan panda volunteer is 700RMB/person.(≈$102USD)charged by Dujiangyan panda base.
Price Includes: All expenses of scenic ticket, scenic traffic, lunch, instructing and other management fees are included in your volunteer fee.
 (1) The center can accept up to 30 volunteers at any one time and the age should be between 12 to 65 years old.
(2) Being a volunteer, you should apply it a week in advance with your Application Form and Health Examination Form (valid medical certificate and signature which could apply it in your country or in China). Interested people could feel free to contact our travel consultant for more information or let them help you.
(3) For pandas have keen sense of smell, volunteers should avoid using perfume or other odorous articles like mosquito repellent liquid or nail polish, etc. on the volunteering work day.
(4) During your panda volunteer program, you are required to wear comfortable shoes, like sports shoes that are suitable for the work, and try to avoid sandals, slippers, high-heels, and so on. Besides, wear trousers, avoid shorts and skirts, etc. (during the volunteer program, the panda base will provide working jumpsuits in spring and winter, and T-shirts in summer and autumn for you.)
(5) To well protect giant pandas, volunteers are required to be healthy, and people who are suffering from illness, like a cold, fever, influenza, and other infectious diseases are not suitable to have body contact with the giant pandas.

When May Volunteer Programs Be Unavailable?

(1) Programs may become fully booked, as there is a limited number of places on volunteer programs each day. We recommend booking at least one week in advance.
(2) Giant panda volunteer programs are not available during the Chinese New Year Holiday (in late January or early/mid February).
(3) They are probably available during Labor Day (May 1) and Chinese National Day (October 1). However, you should contact us to confirm one month in advance.
(4) The panda volunteer program is to be delayed or inaccessible if there is Force Majeure like earthquakes, epidemic... Also, the inevitable requirement and control of the government, country may influence your volunteer program.

Working Time:

Learn safety announcement and sign the security agreement; put on the work suit and gloves, wear the volunteer pass card before go to the work place; the staff will tell the panda volunteer matters need attention.

Honorable Panda Keeper" experience: carry out the old bamboo, wash the panda house, clean up the panda excrement, carry in the fresh bamboo, etc.

"Wonderful Panda Tour" time: visit other panda enclosures, look around the panda base for more giant pandas and red pandas.

Regardful Panda Feeding experience: feed the panda with panda cake or other food, like carrot, bamboo shoot and apple.

Have lunch with the staff in the restaurant and take a break;
Visit around the base and see the cute panda if you like.

Panda Cinema": Watch a panda documentary that shows the scientific facts about panda, to understand how humans protect them.

clean the panda house and feed the giant pandas again.

Panda Nutritionist time: prepare food for the panda and also make the panda cake.

15:30 and after  
Answer some scientific questions about panda through your whole days'experience; Plant bamboo to improve the pandas'environment; and then, finish the panda volunteer experience and get the panda volunteer certificate and souvenirs.

Optional experience for HOLDING a panda

Tourists can hold one growing panda with 1 to 4 years old and take photos with it. In order to protect these rare animals, you must sign the Health Certificate Form, wear insulating clothing, shoes covers and gloves. Also, you need to pay extra 1800 Yuan to hold a panda which will belong to the donation fee for saving the endangered species.

Interested in this program? Since there is a daily quota of 20 volunteers for the Panda Keeper Program, please inquire and confirm at least two weeks in advance. Contact Us Now

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