Kanas Lake

Post Date: May 27th, 2011

When planning your tour to Xinjiang, China, Kanas Lake is definitely an area cannot be missed. Situated in northern Burqin County, Altay region, it is a famous freshwater lake in the Altai Mountains. Encompassing an area of 45.73 square kilometers, with an average depth of 120 meters, its deepest reaches can be 188.5 meters and its water storage capacity is about 5.38 billion cubic meters. The whole lake is in the shape of a crescent, presumed to be formed by the ancient glacial valley water movement.

Kanas Lake is such well-known not only for its wonderful natural scenery but also of a lake monster legend, it is said that a "Big Red Fish" would come and go from time to time, reaching 10 meters in length, but till now, it hasn't been supported by actual observation. The lake, surrounded by lush forests, the mainly residents is of Tuva nationality, and it is listed as one of the National 5A class tourist attractions in China.

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