Top 5 Lakes in China

Post Date: Aug 05th, 2011

1. Qinghai Lake (Qinghai Province)
It is the largest salt water lake in Inland China, it is a treasure endowed by the heaven to Qinghai plateau, situated northeast of Qinghai plateau, northwest of Xining.

2. Lake Kanas (Xinjiang Province)
In Mongol, Kanas means "beautiful and mysterious", occupying an area of over 2000, at an elevation of 1374 m, as long as 25 km and the deepest of the lake can reach 176 m. All around the lake, there covered dense vegetation, making it an ideal place for fish and waterfowls.

3. Namtso Lake (Tibet)
Namtso is a Holy Land for Tibetan Buddhism, at an elevation of 4718 m, ranges 70 km from east to west, and 30 km from north to south, covering an area of 1920, ranking the second largest salt water lake in China.

4. Tianchi in Mt. Changbai (Jilin Province)
Tianchi sits between China and Korea, as the borderline of these two countries, it is the highest and deepest volcanic lake in China, ranging 4.85 km from north to south and 3.35 km from east to west.

5. the West Lake (Zhejiang Province)
The charm of the West Lake not only lies in the lake it self but also in the mountains around the lake. The lake lying in the center of the circle surrounded by those mountains, just like a pearl.

The widely-known 10 sights of the West Lake, wow, words are not that powerful to desribe their charm. In different seasons, there depicted different views, cool! It is more of a poem, a picture, a moving story than a scenic spot.

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