Top 8 Subject-live Performance in China

Post Date: Jul 05th, 2011

1.Impression·Liu Sanjie
First time on show: March, 2004
Back scenes: Liu Sanjie Folk Song Fair in Yangshuo, Guangxi Province
Features: Guilin mountains and waters are called the best of the whole world, and Yangshuo scenery boasts the best views here.
Performace conception: in the water area covering 2 sq. km in Lijiang River, Impression·Liu Sanjie set in 12 mountains. The whole performance applies red, white, silver and yellow as themed colour, uniting classical folk songs, ethic group culture, Lijiang River views, playback beautiful legends of Liu Sanjie.
Best attraction: Impression·Liu Sanjie blending Guangxi ethinic music, natural scenery, Lijiang River views, folk custom together. 2/3 of the 700 actors are local fishermen, so you can enjoy more vitality and customs than just artistic performance.
Admission ticket: Ordinary seats: 198 yuan/person; seats for distinguished guests: 320 yuan/person; Honourable seats: 680 yuan/person

First time on show: July, 2006
Back scenes: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang, Yunnan Province
Features: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain situated 15 km north of Lijiang, at an altitude of 5596 m, it is a national 5A senic spot, noted for its steep, odd, beautiful and elegant.
Performace conception: the performance has no fixed theme and detailed stories, it is only a simple form to explain a new experience of life and nature.
Best attraction: different from other performance in the Impression series, it is performed in the daytime, so there is no visual effect of light changes, it pays more attention on the harmony between human beings and nature. In the stage over an altitude of 3100 m, more than 500 amateurish actors sing in unpretending voice, the connotated nature sense will give you an original sense.
Admission ticket: Ordinary seats: 190 yuan/person; seats for distinguished guests: 260 yuan/person

3. Impression·the West Lake
First time on show: March, 2007
Back scenes: Yuehu Lake senic spot in the West Lake, Hangzhou
Features: views in the West Lake is known all over the world. Different views can be seen at different season, enjoys the reputation of "heaven on the earth". Historial relics, cultural relics dotted around the lake, lengend passed down and stories of literati add the glamour of the West Lake.
Performace conception: Impression·the West Lake is constituted of imaginary fragments of West Lake views, applying the lengend of Xu Xian and the white snake: Bai Suzhen, distributing the charm of the West Lake.
Best attraction: Impression·the West Lake models an almost unbelievable beautiful area, the most suprising is the "West Lake rain".
Admission ticket: common seats: 248-260 yuan/person; Painted Boat seats: 450-600 yuan/person; seats for distinguished guests: 9000-1000 yuan/room.

4.Zen Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony
First time on show: May, 2007
Back scenes: Daxiangou, which is 10 km west of Dengfeng, Henan Province
Features: Daxiangou is a gorge in Songshan Mountain, vegetations here are particularly verdant, water tranquil and clear.
Performace conception: the 5 chapters of the performance introduce the heritage of tradition, highly praise life and nature.
Best attraction: wonderful music accomplied with skilled martial arts
Admission ticket: seats for distinguished guests: A-class: 248 yuan/person, B-class tiket: 198 yuan/person, C-class ticket: 168 yuan/person; Honourable seats: 980 yuan/person

5. Jinggang Mountain
First time on show: October, 2008
Back scenes: Nashan in Jingganshan City, Jiangxi Province
Features: Jinggangshan is one of the most important senic spot of Chinese tour of revolution, rich in resources of revolution remains, like commemorate places of revolution,
revolutionary cultural relics etc. Besides its profound places of historic figures and cultural heritage, Ciping, Huangyangjie, Longtan also boast pleasant scenery.
Performace conception: Jianggang Mountain is the only live-action performance themed in revolutionary tour, depicting the scene of the revolutionary base areas 80 years ago.
Best attraction: bring audiences to review the life in revolutionary ages.
Admission ticket: Regimental headquarters ticket: 198 yuan; Lungs-swelling ticket: 268 yuan; Military ticket: 668 yuan

6. Tianmen Fairy Fox·Liu Hai Cuts Firewood
First time on show: September, 2009
Back scenes: Tianmen Mountain gorge in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province
Features: Tianmen Mountain is the highest in Yongding District, Zhangjiajie. Steep, grand and beautiful are the words used to describe this mountain, where breeds various kinds of precious vegetations, making it worthy to be called extraordinary sight on the earth.
Performace conception: this performance draw materials from household folktales and Huguxi Liu Hai Cuts Firewood, which tells a love story blended with sadness, happiness, smile and tears.
Best attraction: take advantage of elegant mountains and water in Zhangjiajie, this moving love story moved quite a lot audiences to tears.
Admission ticket: A sector: 238 yuan/ person; B sector: 208 yuan/ person; C sector: 198 yuan/ person, and there are also VIP tickets.

7. Impression·Dahongpao
First time on show: March, 2010
Back scenes: Wuyi Tea expo garden in Mt. Wuyi, Fujian Province
Features: Mt. Wuyi is featured by virgin forest, gorge, old forest and weird rocks contrast finely with each other
Performace conception: Impression·Dahongpao is the only subject-live performance introducing Chinese tea culture
Best attraction: live-action film, 15 screens inserted in the natural mountains and waters, audiences can really experience "walking in the picture". 
Admission ticket: Ordinary seats: 218 yuan/person; seats for distinguished guests: 298 yuan/person; Honourable seats: 588 yuan/person

8.Heyday Dynasty·Kangxi Dadian
First time on show: June, 2011
Back scenes: Mt. Yuanbao in Chengde, Hebei
Features: Mt. Yuanbao situated 8 km west of Chengde, the main constitude is glutenite, next to Mt. Shuangta
Performace conception: Heyday Dynasty·Kangxi Dadian is the first live-action performance based on the legendary lifespan of Emperor Kangxi, one of the best emperors in feudal Chinese society.
Best attraction: it is the largest lighting project, 200
imported war-horses galloping there. The grand scene perfectly depicted the image of this sublime hero.
Admission ticket: Honourable seats: 588 yuan/person; Ordinary seats:238 yuan/person

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