Widely Favored Sichuan Food

Post Date: May 26th, 2011

Sichuan cuisine include a number of famous dishes and snacks, namely "xiaochi"in Chinese. Sichuan snacks have already enjoyed a long history, which are favored for their unique flavors, bright color, fragrant smell, and exquisite shape which are cooked with various seasonings. Almost all restaurants in Chengdu tries to offer a variety of traditional snack so as to satisfy customers at home and abroad, saving tourists much time in searching for snack places marked on the city guide map. Here listed a few renowned snacks for you:

1. Chuanchuanxiang

2.Dandan Noodles


4.Fuqi Feipian

5.Jiaoma Chicken

6.Lai Rice Dumpling

7.Mala Tang

8.Mapo Toufu


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