Wonderful Chinese Scenery in Poems of Tang Dynasty

Post Date: Jun 30th, 2011

The Tang Dynasty (June 18, 618 – June 1, 907) was an imperial dynasty of China , it was largely a period of progress and stability among all those feudal societies in China, resulting the flourishing Chinese culture. Tang poems are still widely spread nowadays, appreciated by both those Chinese but also some foreigners. Among all those poets in Tang Dynasty, Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi, Meng Haoren, Wang Wei, etc, are probably the most well-known ones both at home and abroad. Here are some poems, from the depiction and skilled use of words, we can go to enjoy these poems with these wonderful Chinese sceneries.

Spring On Lake Qiantang
By Bai Juyi
Translated by Xu Yuanchong

West of Pavilion Jia and north of Lonely Hill,
Water brims level with the bank and clouds hang low.
Disputing for sunny trees, early orioles trill;
Pecking vernal mud in, yound swallows come and go.
A riot of blooms begin to dazzle the eye;
Amid short grass the horse hoofs can barely be seen.
I love best the east of the lake under the sky;
The bank paved with white sand is shaded by willows green.

Gazing At Mount Tai
By Du Fu
Translated by Xu Yuanchong

O, peak of peaks, how high it stands!
One boundless green o'erspreads two states.
A marvel done by nature's hands,
O'er light ang shade it dominates.
Clouds rise therefrom and lave my breast;
I strain my eyes and see birds fleet.
I must ascend the mountain's crest;
It dwarfs all peaks under my feet.

On the Stork Tower
By Wang Zhihuan
Translated by Xu Yuanchong

The sun along the mountain bows;
The Yellow River seaward flows.
You will enjoy a grander sight
If you climb to a greater height.

Yellow Crane Tower
By Cun Hao
Translated by Xu Yuanchong

The sage on yellow crane was gone amid clouds white.
To what avail is Yellow Crane Tower left here?
Once gone, the yellow crane will ne'er on earth alight;
Only white clouds still float in vain from year to year.
By sunlit river trees can be count'd one by one;
On Parrot Islet sweet green grass grows fast and thich.
Where is my native land beyond the setting sun?
The mist-veiled waves of River Han make me homesick.

Temple of the Premier of Shu
By Du Fu
Translated by Xu Yuanchong

Where is famous premier's temple to be found?
Outside the Town of Brocade with cypresses around.
In vain before the steps spring grass grows green and long,
And amid the leaves golden orioles sind their song.
Thrice the kind visited him for the State's gains and pains;
He served heart and soul the kingdom during two reighs.
But he died before he accomplished his career.
How could heroes not wet their sleeves with tear on tear!


Moored on River Qinhuai
By Du Mu
Translated by Xu Yuanchong

Cold water and sand bars verled in misty moonlight,
I moor on River Qinhuai near wineshops at night.
The songstrees knows not the grief of the captive king,
By riverside she sings his songs of Parting Spring.

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