Yangchan Earthen Building

Post Date: May 17th, 2017

Located in Shendu town of Shexian county in Anhui province, Yangchan village is built on the mountainside and is famous for its earthen building. Nowadays, Yangchan has 372 earthen buildings and boasts well-preserved Huizhou-style earthen buildings with over 300 years’ history in East China. Yangchan is surrounded by mountains with high terrain and inconvenient traffic. In the past hundreds of years, the villagers use the local materials and collect the bluestone nearby to build the road and the bridge. They also use wood growing in red earth to build their house. Therefore, earthen buildings are developed in rows upon rows and they are well-proportioned, simple and spectacular.

According to the local villagers, the local government mobilized all the villagers to relocate to other places because the village was so remote and desolate. Song Guoquan, major of Huangshan city at that time and a photography-lover, once came to Yangchan and was amazed at the unique earthen building here and immediately required that: "This architecture is precious treasure passed down from generation to generation so this cannot be removed and needs to be protected." Because of this, Yangchan earthen buildings are kept and become a popular place for many photography-lovers.

The shrubs in the forest all become colorful every autumn, assuming a charming look. At that time, the farmers start to dry the produce and humidity-sensitive materials for storage and make snacks in rich Huizhou style. The local people call this custom as "dry the autumn".

In fact, Yangchan earthen buildings have not been noticed by photography-lovers until 2012.

Highlights for photography: Earthen buildings, mountains and clouds, farmwork & rape flowers in spring, drying the produce and materials in autumn
The best photography time: 4 seasons. Spring and autumn scenery are the best.
The best photography location: viewing deck near the parking lot of Yangchan earthen building. The photography looks the best when shooting from the lower to upper place.
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