3-4 Weeks China In-Depth Tour Guide

Are you always deeply attracted by the beauty and mystery of China?
Are you planning an in-depth China tour to descend into this fascinating country?
Are you in trouble making a China tour plan and searching for believable information ?
Don't worry! Read this article and you may get some inspiration for your 3-4 weeks China tour plan.






Yangtze River

Yellow Mountain



Hong Kong




Region City Suggested Travel Time Features of Tour Destination
East China Shanghai 3-4 days Oriental Pearl, Huangpu River, The Bund, Yu Garden, Water Town, Shanghai Delicacy, Photography Base
Huangshan 3-4 days Huangshan Mountain, Beautiful Villages, Sea of Clouds, Hiking Trip, Photography Base
Hangzhou 2-3 days West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Dragon Well Tea, Beautiful Scenery, Romantic Mystery, Good Food
Suzhou 2-4 days Classical Gardens of Suzhou, Zhouzhaung Ancient Town, Hanshan Temple, Jiangnan Water Country, Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab, Historic And Cultural City
Fujian 3-4 days Gulangyu Island, Earth Building Complex, Well-Preserved Minnan Cultural City, Photography Base
North China Beijing 3-5 days The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Tianmen Square, Beijing Roast Duke, Historical Sites, Human Landscape, Chinese Food, Photography Base
Tianjin 2-3 days Tianjin Port, International Architecture Museum, Drum Tower, Goubuli Stuffed bun, Hemp Flowers, Cultural Heritage City
Datong 1-2 days Hanging Temple, Yungang Grottoes, Yingxian Wooden Tower, Ancient Battlefield, Historical Relics
Pingyao 1-2 days County Ancient Government, Escort Agency, Ancient Bank, Well-preserved Ancient City, Culture Inheritance Ground
Wutai 1-2 days Wutai Mountain, Famous Buddhist Mountain, Vulture Peak, Natural and Human Landscape
Central China Zhangjiajie 2-3 days National Forest Park, "Underground Palace" Yellow Dragon Cave, Baofeng Lake, Ancient Temple, Tujia People Folk Customs, Beautiful Scenery, Photography Base
Fenghuang 1-2 days Ancient Little Town, Miao and Tujia People Settlements, Historic and Cultural City, Photography Base
Luoyang 2-3 days Shaolin Temple, Longmen Grottoes, Luoyang Peony, World's Biggest Tomb Complex, Starting Point of the Silk Road, Historical City
Yangtze River 2-3 days Three Gorges Dam, Hanging Coffin, Mountain and Water Landscape, Historical Legends
South China Guilin 2-3 days Li River, Yangshuo County, Karst Landform, Longji Rice Terrace, River Rafting, Natural Scenery, Local Food, Photography Base
Hong Kong and Macao 2-3 days Shopping Paradise, Gambling City, Local cuisine, Fashion Trends, Cultural Fusion, Photography Base
Guangzhou 2-4 days Cantonese Cuisine, Guangzhou Morning Tea, Shopping City, Cultural Relics, Human Landscape
Southwest China Yunnan 7-8 days Kunming, Shangri-La, Dali City, Xishuangbanna, Lijiang Ancient City, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lugu Lake, Naxi Nationality Custom, Photography Base
Chengdu 2-4 days Homeland of Giant Panda, Food City, Leshan Giant Buddha, Cultural City, Easeful City Life, Traffic Hub
Tibet 2-4 days Qomolangma, Holy City, the Potala Palace, Buddhist Culture, Lake Nam, Zang Nationality Features, Spiritual Tour, Local Cuisine
Jiuzhaigou 1-2 days Best Waterscape, A Fairyland, Zang People Customs, Natural Heritage, Photography Base
Guizhou 2-4 days Huangguoshu Falls, Miao and Dong People Customs and Festivals, Natural Heritages, Historical Sites, Local Food
Northwest China Xi'an 3-4 days Terracotta Warrior, Ming Dynasty City Wall, Bell Drum Towers, Historic Figures and Cultural Heritage, Delicacies
Zhangye 2-3 days Rainbow Mountain, Danxia Landform, Shandan Horse Farm, Best Photography Base
Dunhuang 2-3 days Silk Road, Mogao Caves with Gorgeous Frescoes and Sculptures, Crescent Spring, Jade Gate, Historic and Cultural City, Photography Base
Urumchi 3-4 days Tianshan Mountain, Minority Nationalities, Salt Lake, Silk Road Museum, Giant Buddhist Temple, Roasted Mutton
Turpan 1-2 days Flame Mountain, Grape Valley, Karez, Thousand-Buddhist Caves, Great Desert, Mohammedanism, Sweet Melon and Fruit
Northeast China Harbin 2-3 days Ice Kingdom, Collision of Chinese Culture and Western Culture, Local Cuisine


Main cities and popular tourist cities in China have been connected by plane and high-speed train. The air ticket would be different between the tourist seasons. The high-speed train is more affordable and the time it takes is not much longer than by plane. These can be chosen as the preferred mode of transportation between cities. Taxi is always a most convenient transportation mode no matter where it is.
The transportation in small towns are based on train and bus, which are cheap and slow speed, but better to enjoy the scenery along the road.


Unable to find an optimal way for travelling to meet your specific requirements? Worry about the over-budget of your ideal private tour itinerary? Fail to come up with a perfect tour plan to fulfill all your expectations?

  • Group Package Tour  
    There is no need to concern yourself with all tour. The price will be modest and you can share the experience and communicate with other tourists. The only disadvantage is the fixed tour itinerary and time to set out.
  • Independent Tour  
    If your destinations are hot tourist city like Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Guilin and so on, independent tour and semi-self-service tour are convenient for you.
  • Private Tailored Tour  
    You can determine the residence time and hotel level on your own. A professional English guider will also be arranged to show you around.
  • If you want to complete the whole China in-depth tour, consult a local travel agency in China first. The travel consultant will make a reasonable itinerary plan and reference on the basis of all your requirements and concerns. If the itinerary exceeds your budget, you can choose to independent or semi-self-service travel in popular cities and group travel in small towns or mountainous cities where a professional guider is necessary.


Climate & Clothing
Region Climate Clothing
Northeast & North China Hot and rainy in summer, extremely cold and dry in winter, cool in spring and autumn Cold-proof clothes, boots, gloves and scarves in winter, T-shirts and shorts in summer.
Northwest China Large temperature difference between day and night, the driest region Quick-dry clothes, fleece jackets and shirts in summer, Cold-proof clothes in winter.
Southwest, South, East & Central China Either very hot or rainy (plum rain season in middle-lower Yangtze area) in summer, mild and less rain in winter, quite cool in spring and autumn T-shirts, shorts, dresses and hats in summer, cotton-padded clothes, warm gloves and scarves in winter, shirt and jacket in spring and autumn.

You'd better prepare a small emergency first aid kit and bring aspirin, pain reliever, cold medicine, anti-diarrhea medicine, motion sickness drugs and anti-allergic drugs. This can do you a great help when going to small towns or mountainous areas.


China's electrical system operates at 220 volts, so don't forget to take a power convert for your 110-volt electronic devices. British-style three-pin plugs are sometimes seen in Hong Kong. In addition to your travel converter, you need plug adapters for at least one and possibly both styles of electrical outlets. If you bring a camera or video, please do remember to take razor, camera, extra batteries and chargers of all your electronic products.

Other Suggestions
  • Do remember to take care of all your personal documents, because you will have a lot of unnecessary troubles in case of losing them.
  • Bring several plastic bags with you. You will find many uses for them during your trip.
  • Chinese food is indeed very delicious, but you should also consider the capacity of your stomach.
  • When you decide to come China for travelling, please pay attention to avoid the peak tourist season, especially May Day (3 days around May 1) and the National Day Holidays (October 1 to 7).


Lead to China can tailor-make an in-depth journey according to Your requirements. Our Trip Advisors expert in all tourist attractions and geographical knowledge in China and improved guiders resources. If any requirements, please send to us for tailoring to you.

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