Ben Ming Nian (Zodiac Year of Birth)

What is the Zodiac Year of Birth?

Ben Ming Nian (本命年in Chinese) refers to the year of zodiac animal in which one was born. In China, each one has his animal sign that is determined by the lunar birth date. In all, there are twelve animal signs each undergoes a 12-year cycle. So, every twelve years, one will meet the year of his birth sign. Find out your Ben Ming Nian here
Although it sounds a bit superstitious, Chinese people take their year of birth seriously. According to the soothsaying, people in their own Ben Ming Nian may offend “Taisui”, also called the God of Age, so they would suffer a lot of misfortunes, such as sickness, economic loss, physical injuries and obstacles in career. However, there are effective ways to diminish the unlucky impacts. The most popular solution is wearing red underwear, socks or waist belts given by elders, for red is believed to bring them good luck. Some jewelry accessories may also help, such as pendants and bracelets with auspicious images.

2019 is the Pig Years. Is it your Zodiac Year?
People born in the following date ranges are believed to be born in a Year of the Pig. Their Chinese zodiac signs are Pig. You can check below or use the tool on the right to discover whether you are a Pig.

Pig Year
Feb.05, 2019
Jan.24, 2020
Feb.18, 2007
Feb.06, 2008
Jan.31, 1995
Feb.18, 1996
Feb.13, 1983
Feb.01, 1984
Jan.27, 1971
Feb.24, 1972
Feb.08, 1959
Jan.27, 1960
Jan.22, 1947
Feb.09, 1948
Feb.04, 1935
Jan.23, 1936

Why is a Zodiac Year an Unlucky Year? — Offend the God of Age
According to Chinese astrology, people in their zodiac year are believed to offend Tai Sui, the God of Age, and incur his curse. It is believed to bring nothing but bad luck.Therefore Chinese astrology followers pay special attention to their conduct every twelfth year of their lives, i.e. in their birth sign years.

What is the 'God of Age' Star (Tai Sui)?
Tai Sui doesn't actually exist as a real star! (It roughly corresponds to Jupiter, which takes 11.86 years to orbit earth, and is probably where the idea for the star came from). It's an imaginary star that changes position exactly 30 degrees of direction each year, i.e. orbiting Earth every 12 years exactly.
The star Tai Sui is said to bring misfortune to people in zodiac years matching their year of birth.
Later, during the course of history, Tai Sui evolved into the God of Age, and has been worshipped by Chinese people from one generation to another. People offer sacrifices to the God of Age to get rid of misfortune and pray for blessings in a zodiac year.

How to Getting Good Luck in a Zodiac Year?

According to Chinese tradition, there are some things that people can do to fend off bad luck in a zodiac year.
1. By Wearing Red — Drive Away Bad Luck
Red is one of the luckiest colors in Chinese culture, standing for prosperity, loyalty, success, and happiness. Red can drive away bad luck and evil spirits.

Therefore wearing red during your zodiac year (or zodiac year) will bring you good luck and give you a good year. You can wear a red belt, red socks, red shoes, or red clothes, and red underwear is highly recommended during your zodiac year.

However, there is a rule that you need to pay attention to, or the red won't ward off bad luck. You cannot buy, for example, the red underwear yourself. It should be bought by a spouse, family member, or friend.

2. By Wearing Jade Accessories
Besides wearing red, you can also wear jade accessories during your zodiac year to ward off bad luck, like pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

3. By Facing the Right Direction — Face Away from Tai Sui
People are often told by fortune-tellers that Tai Sui will bring bad luck. Actually in theory you can make use of Tai Sui to bring good luck, by facing in the opposite direction. The position of Tai Sui for each year in its cycle is listed below.

Chinese Zodiac AnimalYear (e.g.)
Position of God of Age
Northwest (300 °)
Northwest (330 °)
North (0 °)
Northeast (30 °)
Northeast (60 °)
East (90 °)
Southeast (120 °)
Southeast (150 °)
South (180 °)
Southwest (210 °)


People adjust the direction of beds, seats, desks, and even where they live and work to face away from Tai Sui, i.e. "to get Tai Sui behind them", in an effort to incur good luck. For example, in 2019 (a year of the Pig) Tai Sui is in the northwest. So in 2019 Pigs adjust your furniture and dwellings to face southeast to get good luck. When doing something important, such as a business negotiation, Pigs should face southeast, and you will stand a good chance of succeeding.

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