Ningxia Facts

Ningxia is the abbreviation of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, located on the northwest Loess highland with Yellow River flows through its land, meanwhile, the Great Wall of China runs along its northeastern border. Ningxia is the home of the Hui people, and more than 56.15 million people live here, of which the Hui people occupies 34%. Most land of Ningxia is desert, except the vast plain of the Yellow River in the north, which has been irrigated for centuries and locals gathered there.

Ningxia borders Shaanxi to the east, Gansu province and Inner Mongolia autonomous region to the north. Moreover, Ningxia was incorporated into Gansu in 1954; however, it was detached and reconstituted as an autonomous region for the Hui people in 1958.

Rivers that flow through Ningxia include the Yellow River. Ningxia is a relatively dry, desert-like region. Some villages in the north and middle parts are just deserted for the desertification, and some people have to leave their home behind and be a beggar in some modern cities in the east. However, there is significant irrigation in order to support the growing of wolfberries (a commonly consumed fruit throughout the region).

The northern section, through which the Yellow River flows, is the best agricultural land. A railroad, linking Lanzhou with Baotou, crosses the region. A highway has been built across the Yellow River at Yinchuan. Ningxia's deserts include the Tengger desert in Shapotou.

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