Tianjin Cruise Port Transfer & Excursions

Tianjin Port is the first home port in Northern China, and the largest home port in East Asia. It is 160 kilometers from Beijing and 60 kilometers from the city center of Tianjin. Tianjin is also the gateway to Beijing where you can see miraculous Forbidden City, Great Wall and so on. Lead to China collects many Tianjin port photos and essential travel guide for passengers who will cruise from or to Tianjin harbor. As a China based travel agency, we have managed to help thousands of visitors arrange Tianjin port transfer service as well as Beijing excursions. That’s means you will get first-hand price and valued service.

Tianjin Port Round-trip Transfer & Beijing Tours

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2 Days Beijing to Pingyao Tour by High-speed Train

Destinations: Beijing, Taiyuan, Pingyao, Taiyuan, Beijing

Tour type: Private Tour

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3 Days Beijing Tour & Tianjin Port Round Transfer (No Shopping)

Destinations: Tianjin Port , Beijing, Tianjin Port

Tour type: Private Tour (No Shopping)

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3 Days Beijing Group Tour & Tianjin Port Round Transfer

Destinations: Tianjin Port, Beijing,Tianjin Port

Tour type: Group Tour to Join (8-14 pax)

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Questions & Answers
  • 1. What's the Tianjin Cruise Port Address?
  • Port of Tianjin Authority 35 Xingang Rd. No. 2 Tangu Tianjin, Heibei China 300456
  • 2. What's the Tianjin Cruise Port Phone Number?
  • 86-22-2570-5239
  • 3. What's the Tianjin Cruise Port Parking Like?
  • The parking area is quite large. However, it is mainly used for buses, taxis and other means of transportation.
  • 4. How do You get to the Tianjin Cruise Port?
  • Bus, van or taxi is the general mode of transportation to the port.
  • 5. Which Cruise Lines use the Tianjin Port?
  • Princess Cruises Holland America Cruise Lines Oceania Lines Costa Cruises Azamara Nautica Cruise Lines
  • 6. What's the Nearest Airport to the Tianjin Cruise Port?
  • Tianjin Binhai International Airport
  • 7. What Attractions are Near the Tianjin Cruise Port?
  • There's not a lot to see and do in the general area of the Port as it is mainly an industrial area. Grab a taxi or hop aboard a bus and head for the city for amazing adventures through history and the many varied cultures of China. The Gu Wenhua Jie, which is Chinese for Ancient Cultural Street, will delight and amaze with its many buildings imitating the architectural style of the Qing Dynasty, which ruled from 1644 - 1911. Visit the Dule Temple with its complex of grand structures. The Temple itself is over 1,000 years old. Wainghailu Church is located near the beautiful Haihe River, which has serene parks lining the banks. The world's 4th highest TV and Radio tower is also a must-see. Just outside the city is the Mt. Panshan Scenic Area, with streams, brooks, native trees and strange and wonderful rock formations. While here, hop aboard one of the famous 'bullet trains' for a trip to Beijing and a tour of parts of the Great Wall of China. Note, these trains have very limited space for luggage so plan to travel light.
  • 8. What Hotels are Near the Tianjin Cruise Port?
  • Everything from a 5-star rated Sheraton to a Super 8 is available in Tianjin. Rates vary at all hotels, depending on the current rate of exchange and the season.
  • 9. What Restaurants and Shops are Near the Tianjin Cruise Port?
  • Along with typical western foods, restaurants catering to every taste and budget are available in Tianjin. Some specialize in Sichuan, Korean, Japanese or Muslem dishes, while most have varied menus. Be sure to try some of the local snacks. For shopping pleasure, the Shenyang Dao Antique Market (the largest in China) is located in Tianjin, along with many and varied 'old-world' shops and sparkling modern malls.
  • 10. Are Ships Docked at the Port, or are Passengers Ferried from the Tianjin Port to the Ship?
  • Ships dock directly at the port. Passengers disembark and go directly through the customs building and into the parking area.