How to Plan a Huangshan Tour?

One of the main reason for people to visit Huangshan is to see the Yellow Mountain, which is one of the most famous and beautiful mountains in China. Its spectacular natural scenery includes oddly-shaped pines and rocks, and mystical seas of cloud. In fact, Huangshan is also famous for its thousands of years of evolutionary history, its cultural dynamics and its well-preserved heritage sites. These make it imperative to plan a trip to China's most prized possession with a careful, detailed itinerary.

So how can you make the perfect plan for a trip to a land of cliffs, clouds, and exquisite sights? Maybe you’ll have some inspiration after reading what follows!


What to Expect in Huangshan?

The Yellow Mountains are the main attraction of Huangshan. You may spend 2 days to appreciate the sunrise, hike the West Sea Grand Canyon, climb the highest peak,  shoot the pines and rocks with grotesque shapes. There are also some beautiful ancient villages like Hongcun, Xidi, Chengkan, Tangmo, Nanping, around Huangshan for tourists to explore.


How to Design the Itinerary?

Generally speaking, 3 days is good enough to experience the local must-see sites. The classic itinerary is arranged as follows:

Day 1: Arrive in Huangshan City and visit Tunxi and Liyang Old Street.

Day 2: Hike up to the Eastern Steps (Highly Recommended) and Stay Overnight at the Top of Mt. Huangshan.

Day 3: Watch the sunrise and visit an ancient village after going down the mountain.

If you want to tour Yellow Mountain in one day, you are recommended to take the cable car up and down the mountain to save time, depending on your physical condition.

Two days will make your Mt.Huangshan tour much easier, but there is no time to go to more surrounding attractions.

If you have more than three days, you can also have coffee in the world's coolest countryside bookstore, bath in the region's hot springs, stroll along the Xin'an River, and explpore the mystery of Huizhou culture with a long history.

We are here to customize a unique tour according to your dates, budget, interest, etc.


When Is the Best Time to Visit Huangshan?

Whether it be the flowering spring or the rather long ever-crowded summer; the cool autumn or the cold winter floating in brilliant snowflakes, Huangshan never has a lean period for tourists. This popular place can be visited at any time of year, depending on your particular interests.

Spring (mid-March to mid-May) – great for blooms, with kilometers of flowering and flourishing trees.

Summer (mid-May to mid-September) – good for escaping from the summer heat to enjoy languorous long days, with the sea of clouds at its best and some of the finest photographic opportunities.

Autumn,(mid-September to mid-November) – the best time for appreciating the natural landscape.

Winter (mid-November to mid-March) – see the snow-capped mountains and rime trees, the classic and exquisite scenic beauty of winter landscape.

Most travel guides, however, recommend most highly the time from April to November, unless you dearly love winter landscape and want to avoid the tourist crowds.


How to Get to Huangshan

As a popular tourist destination, Huangshan is an easy trip to taken from any part of China. You can get to Huangshan by train, by flight or by bus. Among them, taking the high-speed train is the best way to reach or depart from Huangshan. Currently, it cost about 1.5 hours from Hangzhou, 2.5 hours from Shanghai, 3.5 hours from Suzhou and 5.5 hours from Beijing to Huangshan city. You can also take direct flights from other popular tourists in China, like Guangzhou, Guilin,  Chengdu, Xian and so on.


Where to Stay

You are advised to stay an overnight at the top of Mt.Huangshan to see the surise and go hiking. If you have more time, you can stay in the downtown Huangshan or some featured inns in some ancient villages & towns.

Currently there are only 7 hotels on the top of Yellow Mountain. Among them, the most luxurious five-star hotel is Xihai Hotel, followed by four-star Beihai Hotel.


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