Reviews from Ms.Julie



TOUR DATE: Nov 27,2013

ITINERARY: 10 Days China Cruise Tour

Afternoon Hellen,We have returned home from our whirlwind tour of China. Bill Georgie Les and myself would like to say a huge big thank you for such a wonderful and amazing time.Your very special Guides and drivers were the very best.

Peter meet us in Beijing were his knowledge and caring nature were to be highly recommend. I was not feeling very well on the first day and he put me in a taxi to go back to our hotel. After about two hours I was feeling a lot better and was able to join for the rest of the day.  He was very attentive to our every need. The driver Mr Wang was a wizz at getting use around.  The Great Wall took our breath away it was all inspiring to see. Bill Les and Peter climbed a long way Georgie and myself not quite so far. Amy was our guide for the Hutong and a very lovely meal cooked by Mr Wong. The sights were awe inspiring. We all so enjoyed the acrobates and many other sights. He   then took us to get our train tickets for our trip into Xian. The train trip was wonderful and an experience.

We were then meet at Xian train station by lovely and beautiful Jenny what a laugh she was were we immediately were on our way to the Terracotta soldiers It's hard to comprehend that we were able to see yet another wonder of the world. Then onto the Ancient Wall in Xian. By this time we were all very tied and ready to go back to the hotel.  My goodness what a terrible hotel it is. I did read that it was a little shabby on Trip Advisor but thought it would be O.K for on night ( thank goodness that we only had the one night other wise would have changed). Hellen do not recommend this hotel to any one it's the pits to say the least.

The bed had springs coming through the mattress I glad that I was able to put the doona( blanket) on the mattress to stop them digging into my back.  It is so very run down in all aspects. It was a shame really that was the only downer of Xian other than the very bad pollution which is very thick. The Museum was very informative and we spent 2hrs looking around and reading.

Jenny picked us up from our hotel along with the driver the next morning for our flight to Chongqing were we were meet with Jerry.( We were very lucky to get into the airport as once we had landed the airport was closed Then for a quick short drive to the wharf were our boat was waiting. He had a porter waiting to take our luggage down to the boat.

Our cruise on the Victoria Anna was spectacular to say the least and we were able to have some rest after our busy days. We recommend this boat very much it has everything you could ever want. The excursions were excellent and the guides very good. It all finished to soon and we were being collected by the wonderful and forward thinking Shirley because of the thick fog she had booked us a train ticked just in case we could not fly our of Yichang. One checking with the airport we were able to fly out. And on our way we called into the train station to cancel the tickets and get a refund.  Thank you Shirley.

Our flight back to Beijing were we were meet with the smiling face of Justin. He booked us into our hotel were I asked him to write in Chinese letters for me some medicine for a cold that I had also the address of a restaurant to go to for Chinese Roast Duck. Then next morning I asked reception to point me in the direction of the pharmacy. Which we were able to find and get some medicine. This helped a lot I have no idea what it was but it made a difference.

We spent our last full day shopping at the Pearl Market what a time we had then trying to fit it into our cases for the trip home.  On our last morning went down to Wu Mart were Georgie bought a lovely watch then it was time for Justin to pick us up and take us to the airport for a journey home

We were all very comfortable at the Express Holiday Inn Temple of Heaven Hotel.  It was very quite and easy access to all the sights and sounds of Beijing. It was within close walking distance to Wu Market which we went to each day for food and drinks.

Hellen you and your wonderful and knowledgeable team have made our trip a very memorable experience well done to you all.

Wishing you all the very best

Julie Bill Georgie and Les.