NanFeng Children Reunion Heritage Tour

CLIENT NAME: Jeanette Martinson


TOUR DATE: Jul 19,2017

ITINERARY: 13 Days Jiangxi Children Reunion Heritage Tour

Thank you Thank you Thank you. We had a wonderful 2 day stay in NanFeng and enjoyed Shirley, our interpreter immensely. She had great English speaking skills as well as interpersonal skills. Our visit back to the Social Welfare Institute went above and beyond what we expected. Driver and Shirley were always prompt. The hotel was by far, the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in, and we have been many places. The food selected was great and fit our rather finicky tastes. Shirley knew the area so well and was able to show us around with confidence. We met the current as well as former social welfare director. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch with all of the staff. The highlight of the trip was our daughter meeting her foster mother. She was able to show us exactly where she found our daughter and where they lived. She joined us for the entire time we were at the social welfare, institute as well as for the rest of our activities that day. The social welfare institute was so welcoming and made us feel very very special. Thank you for your work to put this together as it was a once in a lifetime experience for our entire family. I will be recommending your services to other people who are considering going back to China.


Jeanette Martinson