Reviews from Mr.Pete



TOUR DATE: Mar 19,2013

ITINERARY: 5 Days Beijing to Tianjin Xingang Port Tours

Hi, Hellen,
I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time in Beijing and our tour you provided was fantastic!  We really loved Jason - he did a great job!  It's too bad we couldn't have kept him for the last day of our tour, but we completely understand why he had to leave - we hope and pray all is well with his father.  Please let him know we are thinking about him.  Bob was a good guide, but no where near as good as Jason.  His English was obviously not as good, but he did try very hard to please.  The only thing was his lack of knowledge of some of the buildings and places we visited or saw along the way, so the information he provided was seriously lacking.
A suggestion might be to have Bob go along with Jason to see how Jason interacts with people, the information he provides, and how he does things.  Jason is definitely more informative.  He also discussed the schedule including times, worked with us to make changes, and knew how to avoid lines.  He provided a tour knowing it was our first time there and saw it through our eyes, so the experience he gave us was wonderful.
By comparison, we ended up walking much further than planned in Olympic Park because Bob was not familiar with where we could go to meet the car in another location.  So after walking alot further than we had wanted to, we had to walk all the way back to the beginning.  Had we known this ahead of time, we would not have walked that far into the park.  The same was true for the tombs; he was not aware the museum and other exhibits were free.  Again, he tries very hard to please, so I definitely give him an 'A' for effort, but his lack of knowledge distracted from the tour.  He really does need to research and learn more about the places he escorts tourists.
Mr. Tung was wonderful and did a great job of driving for us.  He was very professional, his vehicle was very nice, and he provided a very professional and safe ride.
Overall, it was an awesome tour and we're very glad we did what we did.  We would definitely recommend you to any of our clients who are looking for a tour company in Beijing, provided they could reserve Jason as the guide.
Thank you for all your help and for your quick responses to all our questions.