Return Visit Guide for Hubei Families

Hubei is a Central Chinese province and enjoys a long history. Its capital, Wuhan, is located in the southeastern part of the province. Like much of central China, Hubei is better known for its industrial belt rather than the searing beauty of its lush and fertile landscape of mountain parks and plains sluiced by rivers, lakes and sacred Taoist sites. However, adoptive families may have a slightly different impression of Hubei. At present, there are more than 22 Hubei orphanages have carried out international adoptions, which has helped 10,000+ Hubei children to find their forever families. We have carefully created a travel guide for families who are planning to return to Hubei.

Hubei Orphanage Visits

If you plan to visit the orphanage, you may need to apply for a return visit to the Hubei Provincial Department of Civil Affairs through a dedicated travel agency 10 days in advance. When applying, you also need to provide visitors' passport copy, occupation, and adoption registration certificate. When planning a specific trip, we recommend that you can arrange a 2-3 day trip in Hubei to return to the child's orphanage, visit the finding site, meet with foster family, enjoy the famous local landscape, taste delicious food and so on.

Good to Know:

1. The application fee for all Welfare Institute in Hubei has been cancelled, which saves you about $200

2. Orphanage visit dates need to avoid all public holidays and weekends.

3. It is appropriate to bring some gifts or cash to the orphanage during your return visit, but this is not mandatory. If you want to donate something more valuable and not sure what is needed for the orphanage, you can first learn it from the director and then purchase them from the local market.

Top Experiences in Hubei

Due to the long history, Hubei Province has plenty of cultural tourist researches. Such as: the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, which was first built in 223 during the Three Kingdoms (221–263) showing unique architectural style of China, and the Yellow Crane Tower is one of the most famous buildings in regions south of the Yangtze River ;

Hubei Provincial Museum is a very fantastic place to visit and to learn about Chinese history with artifacts from all over Hubei Province and numerous historical even items including a 2,000-year-old coffin.

East Lake, located on the eastern side of Wuchang City, is one of the major tourist attractions in Wuhan. It is the biggest lake within a city in China.

Guiyuan Temple, which is famous in the Buddhist world owning to perfect construction, spiffy sculpture and abundant collection; and Qu Yuan Ancestral Hall, which features green tiles and upturned eaves.

Han Show is inspired by the spirit of Han nationality, Chu-Han Dynasty and the city of Wuhan. There are 2000 movable seats in the Han Show Theater, which is said to be the first of its kind worldwide that adopts moving and lifting seats in water show performance. Han Show Theater, an iconic new building shaped like a red lantern, features moving seats and a huge stage pool. It is a stop for tourists to Wuhan, like visitors to New York who see a show on Broadway.

Meanwhile, Hubei also boasts impressive natural scenery. The Three Gorges offers an unmatched painting of water and mountains. The World Famous Yangtze Three Gorges Dam Project is just located in this province, just outside of Yichang City. It is not only the largest water conservation project in China, but also the largest water conservation project in the world

Shennongjia Nature Reserve is a dense wilderness in western Hubei province. It has always been a mysterious place, an enigma in Chinese geography. Since the discovery of traces of wild people there, it has aroused people's curiosity about it all the more.

Wudang Mountain is a sacred Taoist mountain with hundreds of temples and palaces.

Other attractions like Longzhong Scenic Area, Chibi Ancient Battlefield of Three Kingdoms where a famous ancient battle happened and Jingzhou, a historical city made famous by Three Kingdom battles are also worthy of sight.


Located in South-central China, Hubei Province is very convenient in transportation since ancient times.  As the great improvement on the network of highway, travelers intend to Hubei can enjoy the convenience no matter by air, by railway, by highway and by waterway.  Families planning to travel can transfer from Wuhan first, and then arrange 1 or 2 days to birth city in Hubei.

As the capital city, it's quite easy to get Wuhan.  And once you are there, you can go more easily and quickly to other areas in China after the new bullet train system between Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Hubei Cuisine

Hubei cuisine is characterized as oily and spicy, with an emphasis on careful preparation. Famous dishes include Steamed Wuchang Fish, Mianyang Three Steamed Dishes, Xiaotaoyuan Soup, Wangji Chicken Soup, Hongshan Vegetable Bolts, Dongpo Pork and others. Besides,Wuhan has its local food specialties, among them hot dry noodles, spicy duck neck, and doupi, and is also famous for dishes made with local fish.

Collection of Orphanages in Hubei

AnLu Social Welfare Institute

ChangYang County No. 1 Social Welfare Institute

ChiBi City Children's Welfare Institute

ChongYang County Social Welfare Institute

DangYang City Social Welfare Institute

DanJiangKou Social Welfare Institute

DaWu Social Welfare Institute

DaYe Social Welfare Institute

HanChuan County Social Welfare Institute

HongHu City Social Welfare Institute

HuangGang Social Welfare Institute  

HuangMei County Social Welfare Institute

HuangShi Social Welfare Institute

JiaYu County Social Welfare Institute

JingMen Children's Welfare Institute

JingZhou Children's Welfare Institute

QiChun County Social Welfare Institute

ShiYan Social Welfare Institute

TianMen City Children's Welfare Institute

TuanFeng County Social Welfare Institute

WuHan Children's Welfare Institute

WuXue City Social Welfare Institute

XiangFan Social Welfare Institute

XiangYang County Social Welfare Institute

XianTao City Social Welfare Institute

XianNing City Xian An District Social Welfare Institute

XiaoGan City Social Welfare Institute

XiaoGan Xiaonan District Social Welfare Institute

XuanEn County Welfare Institute

YangXin County Orphanage

YiChang Social Welfare Institute

YiCheng Social Welfare Institute

YunMeng County Social Welfare Institute

YunXian Social Welfare Institute

ZhuShan County Social Welfare Institute

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