Useful Articles for Your China Return Trip

You may be interested in reading the following before you go to China. We aim to provide important, up-to-date information for adoptive families to help you get the most out of your China experience.

Some facts about China Newborn babies

In CityIt is well known that breastfeeding is good to baby. However, China's young moms and dads have to face too many pressrues and have few time to spend with their kids all day long, so they have to give up breastfeeding children and choo...Read more

Current Educational Situation of 0-3 years old Children

In China, what a child could be relys more on educational planning from his/her parents, especially from his/her mother. On the other hand, since country paid less on Children's moral education, the negative news about children constantly ha...Read more

China First Birthday Celebration, Zhua Zhou

Actually, the first important celebration to newly born baby is One Hundred Day Celebration. When the newly born baby is 100 days old, and ready to meet his/her relatives and receive blessings, his/her parents would gather all relatives to share...Read more

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