Useful Articles for Your China Return Trip

You may be interested in reading the following before you go to China. We aim to provide important, up-to-date information for adoptive families to help you get the most out of your China experience.

China Food Guide

China cuisine culture also called Chinese food culture is an important part of China culture in the aspect of cooking and leisure. Chinese cuisine culture goes sophisticated as the history of China goes.China food also has a worldwide reputation...Read more

Travel & Shopping Tips

Some Tips for You:Tickets:For an infant younger than 2, the fare for flights is 10% of the full fare. However, the infant may not occupy a seat and must be accompanied by an adult. If the child is between 2 and 12 years of age, the fare is 50% o...Read more

Travel Preparations

Home Checklist •Arrange for pet and plant care •Stop routine deliveries •Make your home seem lived-in while away byputting lights and a radio on timers •Turn down thermostat •Leave keys, a copytravel itinerary and yourcontact informati...Read more

China Children Welfare Institue Addresses

Beijing Children Welfare InstitueAddress:No.52 Qinghe Sanjie Street, Haidian District, Beijing, ChinaPostcode: 100000Tel.: 010-62935286Fax: 010-62913075Tianjin Children Welfare InstitueAddress:No.18 Nankai Wu Road Nankai District, Tianjin, China...Read more

Hot China Travel Destinations for Kids

Note:1. Amusement park & attractions are crowded with tourists in China holidays, so please avoid the traditional Chinese holidays and even weekends if necessary;2. Amusement park employees only speak Chinese in most cities, so better tourin...Read more

Confucianism and Buddhism on Chinese Family Values

ConfucianismAs early as the Western Zhou Dynasty (11th century BC-771 BC), China has already had Confucian, but the system of Confucianism began with Confucius in the Spring and Autumn Period. Originally it referred to the etiquette of entertain...Read more

The Famous Son Preference Customs

Definition:A perfect reflection of the social concept of gender inequality. In ancient China, women was characterized as a subsidiary of males and limited their opportunities to develop their talents.  Performance:Regarless of the affordabi...Read more

China Fertility Background

Ancient Chinese Fertility Circumstance with Five Distinct Phenomena1.The natural population growth rate is very low. From 59.59 millions to 0.41 billions, it takes about 1800 years from 2 A.D to 1840. However, from 0.4 billions to 1.5 billions, ...Read more

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