Useful Articles for Your China Return Trip

You may be interested in reading the following before you go to China. We aim to provide important, up-to-date information for adoptive families to help you get the most out of your China experience.

Ben Ming Nian (Zodiac Year of Birth)

What is the Zodiac Year of Birth?Ben Ming Nian (本命年in Chinese) refers to the year of zodiac animal in which one was born. In China, each one has his animal sign that is determined by the lunar birth date. In all, there are twelve animal si...Read more

When is Ben Ming Nian for one?

Ben Ming Nian refers to the Chinese lunar year which starts from the Chinese Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) and ends on the Chinese New Year's Eve (the last day of the Chinese lunar year). For example, 2019 is Year of the Pig starting fr...Read more

What is the origin of children's surname in the Chinese orphanage?

The first kind: take the surname of "党", "福", "华", "童" In the last few decades, some orphanages in China give children the surname of "党", "福", "华", "童&qu...Read more

Canton Morning Tea (广州早茶)

As Chinese saying goes, "Eating in Guangzhou". When asked about what Guangzhou cuisine is, many people may answer "Canton morning tea". Drinking morning tea is one of the most distinct characteristics of Guangdong culture. Th...Read more

A Variety of Pictures on China's Newly-Enrolled Students

School begins! Students across China are gearing up for an upcoming semester which starts on September 1st. However, on this very day, some children are quite delighted to welcome, while some are bursting into loud sobs. Some parents feel lost i...Read more

A typical foster family in Nanning SWI

This is an ordinary family structure to have father, mother, brothers and sisters in love and warmth. Since 2004, Nanning SWI had proceeded to build "simulated family" for orphaned and disabled children there and recruit caring and exp...Read more

Frequently asked questions on China orphanage visits

Q: What documents are needed in order to plan an orphanage visit?A: For an orphanage visit, Lead to China will need the copy of your child’s Adoption Registration Certificate, each visitor's passports and the orphanage visit application le...Read more

New Orphanage Addresses II

1. HuBei80 percent of the SWI in Hubei province are newly built, such as Huanggang, Wuxue, Tuanfeng, Yunxian County, Xiantao City, Honghu, Daye and so on. There are also some other SWI under construction. 2. JiangXiWithin the last ten years, the...Read more

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