Huangshan & Yellow Mountain Tours

Located in the east of China, Huangshan is a popular tourism city with its unique culture and picturesque scenery. There are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in this city: Mount Huangshan and Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui - Xidi and Hongcun.

Mt.Huangshan is one of the most famous and beautiful mountainous areas in China. Its spectacular natural scenery includes oddly-shaped pines & rocks, fantastic sea of clouds, jagged peaks, stunning sunrise, and hot springs. Climbing Mt. Huangshan offers a wealth of fantastic natural scenery. There are also many cultural sites that are a legacy of its long history and rich cultural heritage.

Moreover, Huangshan is worth visiting all year around. If you need assistance to arrange a Huangshan tour, please feel free to contact one of our travel specialists. As locals, we know the ways to avoid the crowds, the secret paths to stunning scenery, the fabulous food, and the hidden history.

1st Time Huangshan Tours

Here are some popular Huangshan tours for first-time visitors. These top 3 packages allow you to climb the fairyland Mount Huangshan, enjoy its "5 wonders", and experience splendid Huizhou culture from the ancient villages nearby. All tours are flexible and can be customized to meet your interests, schedule and budget.

Here are the Top 3 Yellow Mountain Tours, and 80% people will choose them.

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3 Days Yellow Mountain Hiking Tour

3 Days Mt. Huangshan and Hongcun Village Tour

How To Get To Huangshan City From Other Cities?

As a popular tourist destination, Huangshan is an easy trip to taken from any part of China. You can get to Huangshan by train, by flight or by bus. Among them, taking the high-speed train is the best way to reach or depart from Huangshan. Currently, it cost about 1.5 hours from Hangzhou, 2.5 hours from Shanghai, 3.5 hours from Suzhou and 5.5 hours from Beijing to Huangshan city. You can also take direct flights from other popular tourists in China, like Guangzhou, Guilin, Chengdu, Xian and so on.

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How To Get To Yellow Mountain From Huangshan?

When we talk about Huangshan, there are two concepts involved. One is Huangshan City, which is situated in the south of Anhui Province. Another is Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), which is located in the municipal territory, but 64 km away from city center. Tourists can take flight/train to reach Huangshan city (Tunxi) firstly and then transfer to Tangkou Town via public transportation or private vehile. Meanwhile, direct long-distance buses running from neighboring cities (including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Jiuhua Mountain…) to Mount Huangshan Scenic Area are available too. After arriving at Tangkou, tourists need to take the tourist bus from Tangkou to the ticket offices: Yungu Temple or Ciguang Pavilion. After have bought the ticket, you could go up the mountain by cable car or by walk.

Guide to Hiking the Yellow Mountain

The Yellow Mountain can be divided into front and back parts. The front mountains are steep and difficult to climb, but Chinese tourists like to go up from the front part. The hiking route we highly recommended is taking the Yungu cable car up to the back mountains, and then visiting the North Sea Area and the West Sea Area. There are three reasons: Firstly, the scenery in back parts is concentrated, which is more suitable for viewing. Secondly, this is a good a way to avoid crowding among Chinese tourists. Thirdly, best hotels on the top of the mountain are very close to the Yungu cable car station. The above is just a suggestion. We can arrange more reasonable hiking routes according to your time, budget, energy and specific interests.


Not Only Yellow Mountain

Huangshan City, formerly known as Huizhou Prefecture, has a long history with many celebrities. Huizhou Culture, alongside with Dunhuang Culture and Tibetan Culture, becomes China’s three regional cultures, being an important part of Chinese civilization.

Huizhou merchants advocated Confucianism, dominating state business as long as 300 years during the Ming and Qing dynasties. With the prosperity of Huizhou merchants, economic and cultural schools like Xin'an Neo-Confucianism, Xin'an Medicine, Xin'an Painting, Huizhou Bonsai, Huizhou Architecture, Huizhou Cuisine, and Hui Opera, were all developed profoundly.

The city is ancient, but Not ruined. In Huangshan City, there are 31 cultural relics sites under state protection, 16 national level intangible cultural heritages, and 16 sites protected as national level historical cities, streets, towns, or villages.

To visit Huangshan city and not see the Yellow Mountain is inconceivable. However, there are also some beautiful ancient villages like Hongcun, Xidi, Chengkan, Tangmo, Nanping, around Huangshan for tourists to explore. By visiting these villages, you can not only see how the rural life of local residents would be like, but also get to know the splendid Huizhou culture.

No matter you travel as solo, senior, hiker, photography lover or family with kids, you can extend the tour (1~2 days) by adding 2~4 ancient villages. These experiences will make your trip to Huangshan even more memorable.

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