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2019 China Homeland Tours with Chenzhou Orphanage Visiting

On September 10, an American adoptive family came to Chenzhou Children's Welfare Institute with their adopted daughter Chen Baoping.16 years ago, Chen Baoping was abandoned for some reason. After many searches, people sti...Read more

Travel Date: Sep 10th, 2019

China Orphanage Visits to ChiBi CWI

On the morning of September 9, Pu Fuquan, an adopted child from Chibi City Children's Welfare Institute, returned to the orphanage to seek roots with her family.In October 2012, two-year-old Pufu Quan was adopted by an Am...Read more

Travel Date: Sep 09th, 2019

2019 China Adoption Return Trips to Yulin, Guangxi

On August 30, Lia, whose Chinese name is Hua Liyun, returned to the Yulin Children's Welfare Institute, the place where she once lived. Like many children who have been received and raised by the Yulin Children's Welf...Read more

Travel Date: Aug 30th, 2019

A French Family's Return Trip to Shicheng County SWI

In August 2019, 11 years after she was adopted to France, Shi Yumei, accompanied by her family, returned to her birthplace, Shicheng County Social Welfare Institute for the first time.On August 9, the family first arrived in ...Read more

Travel Date: Aug 10th, 2019

A Chinese Return Trip To PingNan

On July 29th, an American adoptive family came to the Social Welfare Center of Pingnan County with a daughter adopted 19 years ago. During the return trip, they met the nanny that took care of the girl, checked the files, vis...Read more

Travel Date: Jul 29th, 2019
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