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Yangzhou Orphanage Visit 2018

On July 17th, the Yangzhou SWI welcomed the return visit of an Canadian adoptive family. The younger sister Yang Fei of the family had once lived here before being adopted.The orphanage visit was undoubtedly the most importan...Read more

Travel Date: Jul 17th, 2018

China Orphanage Visit to NanPing CWI

On March 31th 2008, Iben and Andres couple from Denmark adopted a child Yan Xiaonian from Nanping CWI in Yanping district. Since then, the little boy had returned to the family life and grown up together with a sister owning ...Read more

Travel Date: Jul 13th, 2018

An Unforgettable China Homeland Tour to FuZhou

On July 12th, Katherine whose Chinese name is Fu Jie got back to her birthplace, Fuzhou of Jiangxi province, in the presence of her family. 24 years ago, over one-year-old Katherine was adopted by the well-meaning Dianna and ...Read more

Travel Date: Jul 12th, 2018

A Once In A Lifetime Heritage Tour to YuanLing

On November 6th 2007, Jimmy and wife Hong adopted a baby Zhao Jiting from the Yuanling county SWI in Hunan province and brought back to their home in America to raise carefully. Nowadays, the child had grown up to be a health...Read more

Travel Date: Jul 10th, 2018

Summer Heritage Tour to China with Nanning SWI Visiting

This summer vacation, the Person couple brought three daughters adopted from China back to the homeland for a return trip. They took part in the 2018 Summer Group Tour which included the travel in Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guil...Read more

Travel Date: Jul 09th, 2018
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