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A Lifetime Root Seeking Tour to the Fengcheng SWI

Taking a look at where the children had lived before is a lot of adoptive families' wishes.On April 24th, Michael and Anne couple from Australia brought their daughter to Fengcheng in search of her root and paying a retur...Read more

Travel Date: Apr 24th, 2018

2018 Homeland Tour to China Xiangyin CWI

On the morning of April 19th, Kim's family of four accompanied by our guide came to the Xiangyin CWI, where was the place their eldest daughter Kyra (Luo Yaxin) had lived.The CWI staff gave a very warm welcome to them. Th...Read more

Travel Date: Apr 19th, 2018

2018 China Adoption Return Trips to TaiZhou SWI

Tai Donglei, the family name "Tai" in this Chinese name is uncommon in China. However, it's not difficult for us to speculate that the family name has a close connection with the Taizhou SWI. In the summer of 19...Read more

Travel Date: Apr 13th, 2018

2018 China Heritage Tour to Changzhou CWI

On April 4th, Megan returned to the Changzhou CWI in the accompany of her family. Why do I say "return"? The story need to begin from 2001. The newborn Megan was abandoned by her birth parents, and been received and...Read more

Travel Date: Apr 04th, 2018

A Chinese Heritage Tour to the Qianjiang SWI

On April 4th, the Qianjiang SWI welcomed a special "family". She is a child the SWI had adopted and called Qian Xiuqing. This time, the little girl in the accompany of her adoptive parents and brother came back to t...Read more

Travel Date: Apr 04th, 2018
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