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A Once In A Lifetime Heritage Tour to YuanLing

On November 6th 2007, Jimmy and wife Hong adopted a baby Zhao Jiting from the Yuanling county SWI in Hunan province and brought back to their home in America to raise carefully. Nowadays, the child had grown up to be a health...Read more

Travel Date: Jul 10th, 2018

Summer Heritage Tour to China with Nanning SWI Visiting

This summer vacation, the Person couple brought three daughters adopted from China back to the homeland for a return trip. They took part in the 2018 Summer Group Tour which included the travel in Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guil...Read more

Travel Date: Jul 09th, 2018

China Orphanage Visit to MaoNan District SWI

On December 2006, Phaedra and her husband David came to China and brought an over one-year-old girl Nan Junhua back to America for raising. Little Junhua who returned to the family life not only gained the parents' care, ...Read more

Travel Date: Jul 09th, 2018

China Root-Seeking Tour Including Xianyang SWI Visit

In the winter of 2007, already having a daughter after marriage, Lauren Kinas and husband adopted a over one-year-old Qin Tiantian from the Xianyang SWI, and took her back to America for bringing up. Fast forward 11 years, th...Read more

Travel Date: Jul 04th, 2018

17-day Chinese Heritage Tours Including LePing SWI Visits

In just the past summer vacation, two adoptive families from Australia arrived in Nanchang of China. They were going to start a 17 day Chinese heritage tours from here. On July 2nd, the adoptive families visited some famous s...Read more

Travel Date: Jul 03rd, 2018
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