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Welcome Home Le Xiaolv! A Dutch adoptive family’s visiting to Leping SWI

The surname "Le" in the name "Le Xiaolv" is not very common in China, but for the children who are living or have lived in the Jiangxi Leping Social Welfare Institute, the word "Le" is not onl...Read more

Travel Date: Oct 11th, 2023

A Heartwarming Return Trip to Guiping SWI, Fostering Bonds and Cherishing Memories

Guiping Social Welfare Institute (SWI) in Guiping City, China, recently witnessed a heartwarming reunion as an adoptive family from the United States returned to the place where their journey together began. On June 24, 2023,...Read more

Travel Date: Jun 24th, 2023

China Orphanage Trip to PingJiang, Hunan

On November 13, the Pingjiang County Children's Welfare Institute welcomed a special family member, Julia, who was adopted by the orphanage. 23 years ago, Julia was adopted by an American family. Now, accompanied by a fri...Read more

Travel Date: Nov 13th, 2019

11-day China Heritage Tours with GaoAn Orphanage Visiting

The Sabol Family has completed a significant heritage tour to China in the past October. During the 11 days, they visited Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai and their daughter Elena's hometown area (Nanchang/Gao'an).In Febr...Read more

Travel Date: Oct 28th, 2019

China Orphanage Visits to Nantong CWI

On October 21, Nantong Children's Welfare Institute welcomed a special "family member".  Chu Yun, who had been received and raised by the orphanage, returned to Nantong for root seeking.In 2015, Chu Yun was...Read more

Travel Date: Oct 21st, 2019
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