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Adoptees Travel Back to China Guilin SWI

In early May, Stefan and wife Wihelmina brought their two adoptees from China back to their birthplace and start a China heritage tour.In September 2006, Qin Haoxi was abandoned by his natural parents shortly after his birth....Read more

Travel Date: May 07th, 2018

A French Adoptive Familiy Visit to The Gaoyou CWI

On the morning of May 7th 2018, the Gaoyou CWI welcomed five French guests: Nathalie, Gilles and their three children, the eldest daughter Lilou of whom just came from the CWI. The Nathalie family are living in China now. Gao...Read more

Travel Date: May 07th, 2018

A China Orphanage Tour to Ningbo Enmei CWI

On May 2nd, the Ningbo Enmei CWI ushered a Dutch adoptive family, and their child Shu Yi had lived here for nearly 4 years. The little child was 10 years old in a flash. In order to help Shu Yi establish his identity, Stefan ...Read more

Travel Date: May 02nd, 2018

A Heritage Tour to China with Guangzhou Orphanage

On April 11th, with airplane landing at the Beijing Capital International Airport, Kim and her husband Craig brought two children back to China, the birth country of children, and would begin a 18-day China heritage tour.On t...Read more

Travel Date: Apr 25th, 2018

A Lifetime Root Seeking Tour to the Fengcheng SWI

Taking a look at where the children had lived before is a lot of adoptive families' wishes.On April 24th, Michael and Anne couple from Australia brought their daughter to Fengcheng in search of her root and paying a retur...Read more

Travel Date: Apr 24th, 2018
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